Where can I find diamond painting ?

Various websites on the net offer diamond embroidery, starting with ours: You'll find over 300 diamond embroidery designs and canvases to assemble for your creative hobbies and for all ages. Please note that diamond painting canvases can be of poor quality, as on Amazon.


Where to buy diamond painting canvases ?

Our diamond embroideries can be purchased directly from our French website, where you'll also find a range of useful accessories to help you in this highly entertaining hobby. The diamonds paintings will be sent to you by post directly to your letterbox or by hand during delivery, depending on the size of your order. Our delivery service also offers worldwide delivery 🙂


How do I make diamond embroidery ?

To get started, you'll need a kit containing the backing canvas, the diamonds and all the tools you'll need to apply the little rhinestones: diamond pen, tweezers, resin and the storage tray will be your best friends for placing them on the canvas. We supply all these little items in every diamond painting kit, so you don't need anything else.
Once you've received your kit, unpack all the materials and flatten the embroidery canvas to get started. Take the diamond pen and dip the entire lead into the resin so that you can attach the diamonds to the tip. Choose a diamond referring to the symbol of the square you wish to fill. Pour a small quantity of the chosen diamond bag into the diamond storage tray, then shake the tray so that the diamonds line up in the small trenches. This will align the diamonds and make it easier to attach more than one to your diamond pen. Apply the diamond(s) to the lead of the diamond pen you've filled with resin. Partly peel off the protective film from the embroidery fabric and press the diamond(s) firmly with the pen into the position corresponding to the symbol. Congratulations, you've placed your first diamond! Repeat the operation until you've completed the entire canvas and there are no more empty spaces. You can place several of the same color with a multi-diamond lead on the other side of your diamond pen.

Comment faire de la broderie diamant ?


How to get off to a good start with diamond painting ?

The beginning of diamond painting may seem rough to a beginner, but it's as simple as child's play. Generally, embroidery experts start by choosing the main and most visible diamond color on the canvas and add diamonds of that color until no holes remain. For those with only a little time to spare each day, making a small, very restricted area by cutting away the protective film so as to complete this area with several colored diamonds is a more practical method. The choice is yours !


How to store a diamond embroidery ?

The condition of your diamond embroidery (unfinished or finished) will determine how you store it: if, for example, you haven't finished it, you can reapply the protective film on top as you did originally to protect the glue, and return it to its original kit, tightly rolled and wrapped to protect it from dust. If, however, you've finished it, you can frame it (see below) to give your creation a beautiful look and finish. For the more creative among you, let your imagination run wild with a new art creation, such as gluing it to a flat surface...  


How to store a diamond painting rhinestones ?

Diamond rhinestones are small parts for diamond painting canvases and should be handled with care, as they can quickly be lost on the floor. We advise you to take small storage boxes to help you keep them organized, and to separate them by color, numbering their universal color holder to help you recognize them.
We offer different types of storage for your diamond rhinestones, from a complete case for storing your tools to small boxes for storing a small package. Take a look at our collection of diamond storage tools.


Comment ranger une broderie diamant et ainsi la protéger ?


How to frame a diamond painting ?

Framing an embroidery can be a tricky business, but it's crucial if you want to give your creation a good finish: the diamond embroidery has to be finished, whatever the finish. First of all, we recommend that you measure the length and width of the embroidery, so that you can use a frame that's just the right size. You can also use framing rods for a minimalist finish if you wish. Photo frames and modern art frames are ideal for framing your diamond paintings, allowing them to be protected with glass if necessary. With canvas surrounds, you have two framing options: glue the frame or strips directly onto it with standard, but strong, glue, or cut it to fit into a conventional frame with protective glass. If this second method is used, you'll need to calculate whether the embroidery diamonds will pass through by looking at the thickness with the glass.

Comment accrocher une toile de diamond painting ?

If you're a diamond embroidery enthusiast, or just a proud owner of an embroidery canvas you've made, it's very important that you learn how to frame it. Consider hanging it on the wall where everyone can see it. If your creation has already been framed with a wooden or other frame, you can easily hang it on your wall using a simple nail. Alternatively, you can attach it to a surface in your home with putty for a strong hold. Just be careful not to damage your wall.


Happy diamond painting to you!



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