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Diamond kits are packages that include all the tools you need to fully create a diamond embroidery, which includes:

- Colored diamonds (with a small extra quantity in case of loss)

- A diamond pen to attach your diamonds

- A canvas corresponding to the pattern you ordered

- Enough resin

- One or more diamond storage trays.

Each diamond painting canvas comes with a specific number of diamond packets. Each packet is specifically associated with only one canvas.

Before making any requests, note that the quantity of diamonds is not based on the number of packets, as we offer rhinestone packets in different sizes depending on the size of the canvas. Additionally, an extra supply of diamonds is included in case of loss on your part or errors during the creation of the canvas. While we prepare orders carefully, in very rare cases our packers might make a mistake.

If you find anything missing, please contact us through our contact page at the bottom of the page. When emailing, include the name of your order and a photo of the legend of your concerned canvas. We will make sure to send you additional material.

We recommend purchasing our e-book along with your first diamond painting canvas. Available in the "Accessories" section, this e-book will guide you step by step on how to create this fabulous art, as well as provide valuable advice.

We have also provided an online user manual with each item in our store to assist you with your first diamond embroidery projects. Additionally, you can check our "Frequently Asked Questions" section for more details.

Shipping & Returns

As soon as your purchase is made, we send an email to confirm your order and then prepare it as quickly as possible.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to follow your order. Remember to check your Spam folder if you do not find the email in your inbox.

If your package does not appear on the tracking or is not available, it simply means that it has not yet been tracked by the carrier's logistics system.

You can also track your package using the links below, depending on the assigned carrier: Ordertracker

It is normal for your package not to be tracked during the first few days after it is sent: indeed, since your order is transiting through different countries, the tracking will only be effective once it arrives in the United States. Please refer to our delivery times for more information.

You can track your order only with the carrier that has been assigned to it.

We are committed to delivering our ordered embroidery canvases and accessories as quickly as possible. The delivery time is 5 to 15 days depending on the products and available stock. The average delivery time is around 7 days for the USA.

Unfortunately, it can happen that deliveries take longer than expected (up to a maximum of 25 days), which is why we apologize in advance for this wait. Therefore, there may be delays from our team, for example, during the end-of-year holidays due to the high volume of orders sent.

If this is the case, simply send us an email using our contact form at the bottom of this page and describe your issue: we will provide you with an address to which you will need to return the package.

  • Simple and easy within 14 days of receipt
  • Return shipping at your expense
  • See conditions and procedure in our Return & Refund Policy

Please note that if the Diamond Painting canvas has been started, it will not be possible to obtain a refund. This decision is made due to the specific nature of this type of artistic activity.


Indeed, we offer affiliate programs for Diamond Painting enthusiasts. To obtain a personalized promo code, please contact us by email. Our team will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you and provide all the necessary information.

Due to growing demand, we only offer free samples and items to popular, community-based influencers in the hobby or diamond painting scene. Contact us via our contact form to find out if you're eligible.

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